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Learn Chinese in Shanghai | That's Mandarin Chinese School
Chinese Immersion Summer Program | That's Mandarin Shanghai
Learn Chinese in Shanghai | That's Mandarin Chinese School
Learn Chinese in Shanghai | That's Mandarin Chinese School

Learn Chinese in Hangzhou with That’s Mandarin

Learn Chinese in Hangzhou with our professional native Chinese teachers.

You can choose between Group and 1-on-1 Private Mandarin Chinese classes. China Student Visa is provided.

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Intensive Group Chinese Course | That's Mandarin Hangzhou
From ¥115
Group Intensive

Intensive Group Chinese Course in Hangzhou

Learn Chinese in Hangzhou | That's Mandarin
From ¥115
1-on-1 Private Chinese Course | That's Mandarin Hangzhou
From ¥196
Part-Time Group HSK Preparation Chinese Course | That's Mandarin Hangzhou
From ¥115
Chinese Visa Program | That's Mandarin Hangzhou
From ¥115
Group Intensive
Visa Program

Chinese Visa Program in Hangzhou

Summer Immersion Chinese Program | That's Mandarin Hangzhou
From ¥115
Group Intensive
Summer Program

Adult Chinese Immersion Summer Program in Hangzhou

Intensive Group HSK Preparation Chinese Course | That's Mandarin Hangzhou
From ¥115
Learn Chinese in Hangzhou | That's Mandarin
Group Intensive
Group Part-time

Group Chinese Course for Corporate Clients in Hangzhou

Get 2 WEEKS of FREE Chinese Classes

Original Price: ¥600

Chinese Classes

Original Price: ¥600

Our Campus In Hangzhou


Our Hangzhou campus is conveniently located downtown, near the city’s main landmark – West Lake, just nearby Longxiangqaio Subway Station (Line 1). Take a look at the map.
Located in the heart of city, you can get a panoramic view of the area through the terrace of our school.

School Design

The school is built around an open, modern, and dynamic study environment design concept, offering a variety of spaces to meet our students’ needs, whether it be taking classes, socializing, practicing Chinese with your peer, or focusing on your homework. We have comfortable and practical class rooms to accommodate individual classes and different sizes of group classes. Each of our brightly-lit classrooms is equipped with a computer, a TV screen, a whiteboard, and Wi-Fi access to help you learn Mandarin in the most interesting and engaging way. The school’s common area includes spaces for students to relax, and enjoy a break with other students. We offer unlimited coffee, tea & water at the lounge area to help you stay hydrated. You’re welcome to refill and enjoy the beverages anytime!

Hangzhou Campus Map | That's Mandarin

292 Yanan Road, 7th floor, Shangcheng District
Hangzhou, China
杭州市上城区延安路292号7楼 (WeWork)

Contact phone square

(+86) 186 6801 6287

Contact email

For the Taxi

Shàngchéng qū Yán’ān lù èrbǎi jiǔshí’èr hào (Jìn Pínghǎi lù)

Popular Places Nearby

West Lake (7 mins); Hubin Pedestrian Street (5 mins).

Subway Stations Nearby

You can get to our school by taking a Line 1  to Longxiangqiao Station, Exit D.


Well-lit, clean, modern classrooms

Full-time, experienced teachers who completed our training course

Over 14 years of hands-on experience

Free beverages. Unlimited coffee & tea

Classrooms equipped with computers

Spacious lounge area to rest, socialize and self-study

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Got Questions? We Have Answers

What will my Mandarin classes be like?

For both group and private classes, one class lasts 50 minutes. Most of our students take more than one class per day, so there's always a 10-minute break between classes - it proves to be helpful to process what you've just learned.

Part-Time Group courses include 4 classes per week.

Intensive Group Courses include 15 classes per week.

Class schedule for Private classes is flexible.

The class content is based on the course you've chosen, and the classes can vary slightly based on the teacher's personal style - but an average class usually includes a review of previously learned content, an engaging and student-centered input of new words & grammar, a reading/viewing section (of a related article or a video), and practice, practice, practice - which will help you convert the newly learned content into your active vocabulary.

Most importantly, you will be encouraged to speak Chinese as much as possible, and the classes will be held in Chinese. For more details, read the next 2 questions.

What will my teachers be like? Are they native speakers?

We have high requirements for our teachers, and only hire 5% of applicants. All our teachers are native Chinese speakers and are university graduates with majors in Chinese language education or literature.

They have also previously obtained a Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL, or TCSOL) certificate before they joined us and successfully completed That’s Mandarin’s mandatory Teachers Training Course (TTC).

Will the classes be taught in English?

All of our classes are taught in Chinese to give students a fully immersive Chinese experience. Even for absolute beginners, our teachers will only use limited English to help you understand them. Our teacher will use pictures, videos, signs, and gestures to help you learn.

As your Chinese level progresses, less and less English will be used in your classes and you will be able to understand more and more Chinese every day.

When is the best time to apply for a course?

We recommend applying at least 3 months in advance to guarantee you will get a spot in a program of your choice, with your preferred schedule. By applying early, you can also benefit from our early bird discount.

Besides, you will need to apply for a Chinese visa at least 30 days in advance and longer if you’re applying for a student X2 visa (for long-term Chinese courses only).

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