NEW Chinese Textbook Release

by | Nov 26, 2021 | Featured, Highlights, News

New Chinese textbook series by That's Mandarin
Want to learn Chinese language, but can’t find a book that will be really helpful and up to date?
Don’t worry, That’s Mandarin has got you covered.

That’s Mandarin Textbook Series: Chinese For Beginners

PART 1, 2, 3, 4

We are happy to announce the release of the new That’s Mandarin textbook series: Chinese for Beginners.
It’s produced by That’s Mandarin language school and designed as a supplementary material for the online learning platform NihaoCafe.
Chinese Link Words Book Has Arrived! | That's Mandarin
Following the unique storytelling methodology, the book will help you seamlessly learn new vocabulary and grammar in context, and provide an insight into Chinese people’s daily lives.

Chinese For Beginners: Not Your Boring Textbook

Our students not only can study on NihaoCafe online platform, but also have a chance to practice their skills with our new textbook series according to their Chinese level.

We have also added a new “Did you know?” section that shares insights into Chinese language, culture & lifestyle and provides actionable tips.

Chinese Link Words Book Has Arrived! | That's Mandarin

The Chinese For Beginners textbooks, Part 1-4 are available for purchase to all That’s Mandarin students. The next textbook series, part 5-8 are coming soon, stay tuned!

Chinese Link Words Book Has Arrived! | That's Mandarin
If you are interested to learn about That’s Mandarin levels have a read here! 


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