One-day Excursion to Tianjin

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Beijing Events, Events

Why did we choose Tianjin as a spring trip destination this year?

Because it’s such a wonderful city worth spending a day in!

In Tianjin, you’ll get a chance to:

  • Cycle in Five Great Avenues (a nice residential area, former British concession)
  • Visit Porcelain House (a French-style villa decorated with tens of thousands of antique tiles, so you can see the porcelain of every era)
  • Take a walk along Guwenhua Jie, Tianjin’s Ancient Culture Street (with its lovely shops and old-fashioned buildings)
  • Try various (and delicious) street snacks


  • 五大道(曾经的英租界、自行车环游)
  • 瓷房子(数万件古董瓷片装修而成的,能够看到每个时代的瓷器)
  • 古文化街(天津古建筑、特色商铺、当地小吃)
  • 品尝多种特色小吃
#1 | That's Mandarin

Date and Time
Mar 23th
8 am –  6:30 pm

FAQ questions 03 square

900 RMB

#3 | That's Mandarin

Xinzhong Street No.7, Bldg 2 Beijing

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