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Online Chinese Classes for Kids


Let your children ace Mandarin Chinese in no time with our online Chinese classes.

Your child will learn Chinese online with our unique online Chinese learning platform and enjoy our 1-on-1 private online Mandarin Chinese lessons with experienced native Chinese teachers.

Online Chinese Class | That's Mandarin

Who Is This Course For?

Kids who want to learn Mandarin remotely. Besides, online Chinese classes are also a great opportunity for those who don’t have enough time to come to our Mandarin school. With That’s Mandarin special learning platform, they can have online Mandarin classes with our teachers anytime and anywhere.

Online Classes at That's Mandarin

Course Schedule

As the whole online Chinese course is customized, kids can have classes anytime they want (within That’s Mandarin working hours). Our campuses are open from 8:00 am till 9:00 pm on weekdays and from 9:00 am till 6:00 pm on weekends.

Course Description

What is Our Mandarin Chinese Online Course for Kids All About?

That's Mandarin Online Chinese Class

Mandarin Chinese Online Course is the perfect option for kids who want to learn Mandarin Chinese remotely with our Online Chinese School.

By having online classes with our native, highly qualified Chinese teachers via our in-house learning platform & app, and they will ace the Chinese language in no time.

All online Chinese lessons can be personalized to help them meet their learning goals.

Course Features

Features of the Online Chinese Course for Kids

#1 | That's Mandarin

Anywhere, Anytime

Simply book an online Chinese class with our teachers, or use our app to study Mandarin on your own anytime, anywhere. In other words, our class schedule is totally flexible.

#2 | That's Mandarin

Full Support

Our Chinese teachers and staff can be easily reached if you have any inquiries about your courses. Besides, our professional IT team is online 24 hours a day, ready to solve any unexpected issues.

#3 | That's Mandarin

High Quality

Online Mandarin Lesson content is specially curated to align with our teaching methods and can be personalized. Teachers can also add their own courseware into the system anytime.

#4 | That's Mandarin


Get more out of your 1-on-1 online Mandarin classes with a native Chinese teacher. Learn Chinese online and accomplish your study goals at your own pace.

#5 | That's Mandarin

Live Interaction

Online Chinese lessons are conducted live online and are taught using the same methods we use at our schools in China. Besides, there is an online course arrangement system that manages your booked classes.

#6 | That's Mandarin

Certified Teachers

Learn Chinese online with our certified native teachers. Our Chinese teachers have undergone extensive training before they can teach Chinese and work at our schools.


Why Choose That’s Mandarin Online School?

Watch this short video to discover why 🙋🏻‍♀️


Why Choose That’s Mandarin Online School?

Watch this short video to discover why 🙋🏻‍♀️

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Let Your Children Learn Chinese Online

How Does Our Online System Work?

That’s Mandarin uses its own in-house system for Online Chinese classes for Kids.


easy to use

It’s super easy to use, so the class experience will be smooth and seamless

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Review your notes

Online Chinese Class content and teacher’s notes automatically get recorded into the system, so it’s easy for kids to review their classes

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Prepare for the class

There’s a huge teaching resource database, so kids can prepare for their future online Chinese classes in advance

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Course arrangement system

There is an online course arrangement system that manages your booked Chinese classes – to guarantee that wherever yout kids are, they and their teachers can stay informed about the online Mandarin class schedule and changes

#5 | That's Mandarin

Customized materials

Teachers can also add their own courseware including webpages, power point presentations, videos, etc. into the system anytime

#6 | That's Mandarin

24 hours a day

Our professional IT team is online 24 hours a day, ready to solve any unexpected issues

Course Pricing

From RMB 120/Class

From RMB



From 120RMB/Class

25 min/class
Free trial
1-on-1 private classes
Certified native Chinese teachers
24/7 access to online lessons

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