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Online Chinese Summer Camp



Our Online Chinese Summer Camp program has been developed specifically for remote Chinese language immersion.

It’s a chance for young learners to explore the Chinese culture and learn Mandarin Chinese wherever they are, together with children from all over the world.

It’s a wonderful, immersive online Chinese learning experience for kids & teens aged 10 to 17.

Chinese Summer Camp in Shanghai | That's Mandarin

For 10 to 17-Year-Olds

Our Online Chinese Summer Camp Programs are suitable for kids and teens. They will be grouped with other students of similar Chinese level and age.

Chinese Summer Camp in Shanghai | That's Mandarin

Interactive Lessons

We make lessons fun and engaging for your kids through various methods: cartoon classes, storytelling, role playing, games and more.

Making chinese knots at camp

Vibrant Cultural Activities

Kids will get to try their hands at both traditional and modern Chinese arts and games and practice the language in a real-life setting.

Virtual Field Trips | Chinese Summer Camp Online

Virtual Field Trips

Twice a week, campers will visit famous sites in China virtually to learn more about the Chinese history and traditions — via a live stream!

Camp Features

Content of Our Online Mandarin Summer Camp

Online Chinese Summer Camp
Daily Chinese Classes

We’ve designed different types of Chinese language classes every day, so that the your child can experience various activities from the comfort of your home

Online Chinese Summer Camp
Cultural Activities

We’ve also packed every day of the program with activities that represent Chinese cultural elements — finding the best ways to introduce them in Chinese. Through these activities, campers will be able to get a better understanding of Chinese culture as well as the cultures of their classmates from all over the world

Online Chinese Summer Camp
Virtual Field Trips

Travel through space is now possible — thanks to live streaming! Twice a week, campers will visit popular Chinese tourist places virtually. Our teachers will be visiting these places and challenging the campers will all sorts of cultural and linguistic questions, providing immediate and personalized feedback (something that YouTube videos and TV shows cannot give)

2 Camp Levels


The Online Chinese Camp for 2022 summer season will be divided into 2 levels:

icon 1


Non-Native Chinese Camp

for Kids from non-native Chinese families (非华裔营)


  • No prior Chinese language experience needed
  • No Chinese language exposure in everyday life


  • Fun and interactive online lessons and activities to raise the interest in learning Chinese
  • Introduction to Chinese characters with stories and pictures
  • Focus on developing basic Chinese skills, mainly Listening & Speaking
  • Basic conversations in Chinese
  • Project-based cultural activities to increase understanding of Chinese culture
icon 2


Chinese Camp

for Kids from native Chinese families (华裔营)


  • Chinese language experience in a native Chinese-speaking family


  • Fun and interactive online lessons to improve all the 4 language skills
  • Focus on Reading and Writing
  • Intermediate conversations in Chinese through various cultural and language activities
  • More advanced lessons to increase Chinese Vocabulary
  • Project-based cultural activities to deepen the understanding of the Chinese culture

Camp Features

Mandarin Summer Camp Features

Private Chinese Classes for Kids | That's Mandarin


With 3 classes a day, 5 days a week, your child or teen will be busy with classes for approximately 3 hours every day (class time will be based on your time zone)

Chinese Summer Camp 2021


To ensure the best learning experience, we normally place 3-5 campers in a group; with a maximum of 6 campers in one group

Chinese Summer Camp 2021 Shanghai


Apart from abundant language practice during their Chinese lessons and cultural activities, campers will also participate in special events — including peer exchange activities with Chinese kids

Start Dates 2022

Online Chinese Summer Camp


The start dates and term duration for the 2022 summer season are the following:

Jun 6-17

Jun 20-Jul 1

Jul 4-15

Jul 18-29

Aug 1-12

Jun 6-17

Jun 20-Jul 1

Jul 4-15

Jul 18-29

Aug 1-12

Camp Time 2022

Online Chinese Summer Camp Class Time


For both levels, Beginners and Intermediate, there are 2 options available. The class time for different time zones is the following:

icon 1

(3 hours)

UTC/GMT+8 (Beijing) 20:00-23:00
UTC/GMT+1 (London) 13:00-16:00
UTC/GMT+2 (Madrid) 14:00-17:00
UTC/GMT+3 (Moscow) 15:00-18:00
UTC/GMT-5 Eastern Time (US & Canada) 08:00-11:00
UTC/GMT-8 Pacific Time Zone 05:00-08:00
icon 2

(3 hours)

UTC/GMT+8 (Beijing) 05:00-08:00
UTC/GMT+1 (London) 22:00-01:00
UTC/GMT+2 (Madrid) 23:00-02:00
UTC/GMT+3 (Moscow) 12:00-15:00
UTC/GMT-5 Eastern Time (US & Canada) 17:00-20:00
UTC/GMT-8 Pacific Time Zone 14:00-17:00
#1 | That's Mandarin


Camp activities are designed to let the campers explore the Chinese language and culture in the most creative and adventurous ways.
#2 | That's Mandarin


Our talented and enthusiastic teachers are all experienced working with under 18s.

#3 | That's Mandarin

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Our activities are engaging, inspiring and fun, with an emphasis on being educational and, above all, safe!

Chinese Summer Camp Pricing

RMB 4,800 / 2 WEEKS


4,800 RMB / 2 weeks

2 weeks
Mon to Fri
June to August
For 10-17 year-olds


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Apply early to enjoy our early bird discount.

Learn More and Apply

For more details, to visit the FAQ section, and to apply for the program, please visit the camp program:

Online Chinese Classes for Kids | That's Mandarin
From ¥4800
Summer Camp

Online Chinese Summer Camp

Parents’ Testimonials


icon reviews

My sons were always eager to show what they did in school when they got home. It was amazing just seeing them so happy and motivated to go to school every day.

Default Man Icon | Testimonials | That's mandarin

Edward B.

Teacher of a British school group

icon reviews

This has been such a great experience! Our daughter had so much fun and she enjoyed all the activities and field trips. We would like to come back again next year.

Michelle Parent Testimonial | That's Mandarin

Michelle W.

Parent of a student

icon reviews

We decided to go to That’s Mandarin because we wanted a place where it would be a healthy environment. The teachers really showed a passion to teach.

Alieen Parent Testimonial | That's Mandarin

Alieen A.

Parent of summer camp student

Parents’ Testimonials


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